Friday, November 19, 2010

retromummy: sweet broderie giveaway

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sweet broderie giveaway
It's about time for another giveaway from my store! So this time I'm giving away a fat quarter in each of the Sweet Broderie fabrics that have just arrived here. That's right, 14 fat quarters and even better I'll pick two three winners!!"
So go here and enter today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An awesome way to explain how it feels to live with a disability

“The Spoon Theory” at  Any one that has a family member or friend or even just someone they know with chronic pain should read this.  It is the most enlightening piece I have ever read having to do with dealing with chronic pain day to day.  
On a lighter note I did get the 3 sets of hanging kitchen towels done for church.  And the Fall Festival was a big hit.  
Now, on to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that they entail.  I love Christmas the most of all the holidays.  Maybe because my birthday is the day after.
Oh well, have a blessed day.