Saturday, January 15, 2011

The weather

Wow what a start to the new year.  It has been really awesome around here.  We have made it through the middle of January and I can hardly wait for summer to get here so I can finally get warm.  I knew we moved to Florida for a reason and I am sure it was not for so much cold weather.  I hope I remember this in June and July when it is so hot.  Ah well you just can't beat Mother Nature....     Stay warm and dry till next time.

Friday, January 7, 2011

sewing and embroidering

 It has been a very quiet end and beginning of 2011.  My baby sister came to visit with her husband and four sons on my birthday, the day after Christmas.  We had a very good visit even though it was not long enough.

I have enjoyed learning how to do embroidery.  I finally have my Futura 250 up and running and I love it.  I have even done FSL.  Now I need to learn how to do embroidery on knit fabrics.  I imagine that it is not hard but I still have that fear of doing new things.