Saturday, February 6, 2010

sleeping who has to do that!

Well here goes another day in blog land.  I had such a hard time sleeping last night I just gave up and stayed up.  Now after sleeping the day away, I wonder how am I going to get up for church tomorrow morning.  It is a question without an answer. And my DD will be upset if I don't make it to church.  It is the most awe inspiring church my husband and I have ever attended.  Not only do the teach the Bible, but they also have Praise and Worship as an incredible part of the service.  Their web site is DestinyPeopleWorshipCenter on facebook.  Cilck on the top site and then click on Notes on the information bar and it will download the most current service.  I don't mean to push religion on to anyone but,  WOW it is awesome.  My DH  has decided to get up in the morning to try and see the space shuttle lift off, we will see if he has company.  Not much crafting done today as I slept so long but, it will get better tomorrow.

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