Saturday, February 12, 2011

It has been a while.

Sorry but life has a way of telling you what you have to do.  And it is not always what you want to do.  Go figure.
Dear Hubby has been sick and don't you just know I ended up with it.  I hate being sick.  And it is a chest and head thing.  Yuck!
On a lighter note.  I have finally finished the 2000 BOM from JoAnns that I started in 2001.  Now, really is 10 years too long to work on a quilt that is completely done by hand.  I am so glad it is done.

I also finished purses for 2 grand daughters this week.  And they love them and are using them.  
I also finished a wall hanging for a veteran at church.
It has been a very busy month.

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  1. The purses are amazing! Can't wait for mine! So jealous here!