Friday, March 26, 2010

I am still learning

I am still learning how this new computer works and I am not sure I will ever really like it but,  seeing as I have no choice in the matter I WILL learn all of its quirks.  Boy does that sound determined or what.  I started hand quilting my quilt last night.  This is going to take many a night watching tv with my DH.  At least we will be watching the same thing.
Speaking of which Syracuse lost last night in march madness.  I am a fan,  mostly because they are from NY.  Well maybe next year....
I also started a new baby quilt yesterday,  or I should say my embroidery machine started 8 squares for the new baby quilt yesterday. And, I also did the label.  It is going to be very pretty and as the baby is a girl that is alright.
Well I better get going and start the afternoon.

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