Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I wonder if the whole world has tried it, or if only those who are hooked on it are just able to put themselves out there more than others.  For those of you who have never tried it, you really should as it is very freeing.  You can put all those pictures that are just gathering dust in a shoe box to work and write about what  was actually going on at the time the picture was taken, or what you were thinking then.  My DD and I scrap with her kids.  And I think it has brought us closer together as a family and also as people.  We respect each others artwork and have learned a lot about each other by what we have wrote in them. 
 You can start with very little as far as supplies go, just scrap book paper and colored pencils would work for beginning.  After that you can budget for other supplies.  One word tho, you should decide wither you want an 8x10 book or a 12x12 book.  An 8x10 is probably easier to start with as there is not as much room to fill up.  However as time goes by, you will probably want the extra room of a 12x12 book.  It is a very rewarding hobby and it can be very expensive.  But , it is also worth every penny.  How else can your great-great-grandkids read exactly what you were thinking or doing on that day and even have a picture to look at with it.  

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